Over the past four decades Storage Engineering Inc. has successfully completed over 10,000 installs of racking, mezzanines, modular buildings, conveyor systems, shelving, and many other materials handling systems. With safety first and our experienced installers you can depend on us.

Equipment Relocation

Every business wants to grow and develop and that will require movement of operations. Storage Engineering has moved hundreds of business big and small. With some careful planning and our own trucks, equipment, and trained installers, Storage Engineering can seamlessly move your warehouse in a timely manner. Remember, R.W. Lundquist Co. Inc. can upgrade your existing racking to meet your expansion needs and will purchase any parts that don’t fit those needs.

Fabrication & Repair

Storage Engineering has a fully equipped shop that can fabricate many custom parts. Rack repairs are usually done in the field and without welding if possible but sometimes the frames or uprights must be removed and brought to our fabrication shop to be properly repaired. Storage Engineering owns its own equipment and trucks and so rack fabrication and repairs can be done in an economical and timely manner.

Consulting & Layout

Storage Engineering has many years of experience consulting on OSHA requirements for storage systems, rack repair, and rack maintenance. Storage Engineering can also provide CAD drawings for racking layouts to aid in the visualization and plan of the project.

Why Trust R.W. Lundquist & Storage Engineering

We are:

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