We know that buying any sort of material handling equipment is only half of the battle. The other half is preparing to get it installed, getting everything transported either in or out of your facility, and of course the actual installation and using of your products.

Fortunately we have a sister-company also located in the Twin Cities called
Storage Engineering, Inc.

Storage Engineering is one of the largest installers and transporters of racking, mezzanines, conveyors, shelving and in-plant offices in the Twin Cities area. They not only transport and install your new products, but they take down and remove your existing products as well. Therefore relieving you form the hassle of doing it yourself!

One of the main reasons that Storage Engineering is so highly-touted and a great company to work with is the fact that they control and maintain all of their own equipment! That helps save time, money, and gives you, the customer, peace of mind knowing that this one company has all of your needs covered under one roof!

Feel free to contact Storage Engineering by calling the office at 651-487-5267

We offer:

Regular Pallet Racking Systems

We have a comprehensive selection of pre-owned pallet rack.

  • Pre-Owned Frames – between 4 feet to 18 feet tall, and range from 24 to 58 inches in depth.
  • Light to Heavy Duty varying from 48 inches to 12 feet in length.
  • Wide selection of spare parts and other additions to the standing rack.

Email or contact us directly for all your pre-owned pallet requirements, or if you are interested in selling to us your used pallet rack.

Mezzanine Flooring Techniques

Popularly used in distribution centers as well as warehouses, mezzanines provide a proficient means to exploit the given height, also known as cubic space, so as to merge operations into one specific area or to provide essential space for other important operations.  Lots of times, storage mezzanines are utilized as the stages of a pick module.

Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts are continuous loop materials that rotate in belt conveyors, which are comprised of two or more pulleys.   One of the pulleys is power-driven so as to allow the belt as well as the material to move onward. The powered pulley is known as the drive pulley and unpowered pulleys are designated as idle pulleys.

Modular Office Setup

In order to address your modular office requirements, you need to work with a partner that recognizes the notion of responsibility.  R W Lundquist combines building design and production into one stress free solution throughout your constructing process.  While working on the project site, we can also offer other amenities to allow building development to be more convenient and well organized for all involved via the use of portable offices, ground level office set up, containers, explosion resistant buildings and other value-added products as necessary.

Fork Lifts

R W Lundquist offers a wide array of different forklift machines to suit your warehouse and material handling requirements. We have the best brands in the market and offer a wide price range to suit your every need and budget.  Our broad understanding of the industry will help guide you to choose the right forklift for your business.